Will Dry Cleaning Get Dirt Out Of Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime investment because your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s more than simply an outfit; it’s a sign of your love and devotion to one another as well as the start of a brand new chapter in your life. But what do you do with the dress after the wedding?

Although many brides opt to have their dresses cleaned and preserved professionally, many still wonder if dry cleaning is effective at removing dirt from their wedding attire. This article will discuss how to properly care for your wedding gown and address this question.

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Will Dry Cleaning Get Dirt Out Of Wedding Dress?

Depending on the fabric and the intensity of the stains, wedding gown dry cleaning can be an efficient approach to removing dirt and stains from a wedding dress. Silk, lace, and tulle are common materials for wedding dresses, however, they are quite fragile and need to be handled with care when being cleaned.

Instead of using water, which may be harsh on delicate materials, dry cleaners utilize solvents to dissolve and remove stains.

However, keep in mind that dry cleaning alone won’t do the trick for every stain. Sweat and food stains, for example, may need to be pre-treated or cleaned differently to be completely removed.

Picking a reliable dry cleaner who has experience with wedding dresses is also crucial, since inexperienced cleaners may accidentally ruin the fabric or embellishments.

You may protect your wedding dress from stains and wear it for longer by taking measures beyond just dry washing it. You can take steps to preserve your garment by not wearing it in the rain or on uneven surfaces and by immediately removing any stains with a spot-cleaning solution of mild detergent and a moist towel.

Hanging the dress in a cool, dry spot, out of direct sunshine and humidity, will also help preserve it for longer.

Helpful Advice On How To Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your wedding dress:

Hang It Up

If you want to keep your wedding dress wrinkle-free and in pristine condition, hanging it up is a must. Protect the fabric from being stretched or creased by using a padded hanger. Make sure the hanger can support the dress’s weight, and stay away from wire hangers that might leave wrinkles or rust stains on your garment. 

Keep the dress in a cool, dry area, hanging it up with plenty of room so it doesn’t become crushed or crumpled. Protect the dress from dust and light by storing it in a garment bag that allows air to circulate. If you want to keep your garment in pristine condition until you can get it cleaned or preserved, hanging it in a locked closet is the best option.

Clean It Promptly

Time is of the essence when it comes to cleaning your wedding dress so that any stains don’t set in. If you spill something on your clothing, you should instantly fix it. To remove extra moisture from a stain, blot it with a clean, white cloth or tissue. Before deciding how to clean your new garment, make sure to read the label. 

Test the cleaning solution on a hidden part of the dress before using it on the stain itself, and consider using a light detergent or white vinegar diluted in water. Avoid rubbing the stain, since this might cause the cloth to fray, and instead blot it gently. If the stain is not removed after repeated cleaning, repeat the method.

Take the garment to a dry cleaner if you are unclear about what to do or if the stain is very difficult to remove.

Avoid Wearing It Outside

Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics used, you must take special care of your wedding dress. Your dress could get dirty, snagged, or torn if you wear it outside. If your garment is made of a delicate fabric like silk or lace, it may be ruined by grass stains, mud, or rain.

The uneven surfaces of gardens, beaches, and forests, for example, could snag or damage clothing. 

Your clothing will last longer if you keep it inside as much as possible. Take extra care to protect it from snags and spills if you must wear it outside for photos or other activities. Wear anything underneath the dress to protect it, such as a slip or petticoat, and pick out shoes that won’t sink into soft ground.

If you’ve been wearing your dress outside, check it for holes or stains as soon as possible so you can fix it and avoid it from getting worse.

Store It Properly

Keeping your wedding dress in pristine condition for years to come requires careful storage. Several precautions should be taken when preserving your outfit to avoid any potential harm.

  • Clean your dress: Before storing your dress, make sure it’s clean and free of any stains. Any dirt or stains left on the dress can cause damage over time, and it can be more difficult to remove stains once they’ve set in.
  • Choose the right storage location: Choose a cool, dry place to store your dress, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Exposure to sunlight can cause discolouration or fading, while humidity can lead to mould and mildew growth.
  • Use acid-free materials: When storing your dress, use acid-free materials like tissue paper or acid-free boxes to prevent discolouration or damage to the fabric. Avoid using plastic bags or containers, as they can trap moisture and cause damage to the fabric.
  • Avoid hanging your dress: While it’s important to hang your dress up to prevent wrinkles, long-term hanging can cause stretching and distortion to the fabric. Instead, fold your dress carefully and store it in an acid-free box.
  • Store your dress flat: If you do choose to store your dress flat, make sure it’s laid out on a clean, flat surface with tissue paper between the folds to prevent any creases or wrinkles.

Keeping your wedding gown in pristine shape for years to come is possible with these suggestions.

Check On It Periodically

If you want to make sure your wedding dress is still in pristine shape, you should check on it regularly. Checking for stains, tears, and discolouration is part of this process, as does making sure the dress is preserved correctly.

Doing so will allow you to see any problems early on and take preventative measures before they cause irreparable harm to the dress.

Your wedding dress should be preserved in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, with acid-free materials, and you should check on it from time to time to make sure it is still in good condition.

If your dress is still on the rack, you can verify that the straps or sleeves have not been stretched or distorted by the weight of the dress. If your dress has been folded for storage, you can refold it to get rid of any wrinkles or creases.


Your wedding dress is an important and special part of your life and should be treated as such. Hanging it up, cleaning it as soon as possible, not wearing it outside, storing it properly, and checking on it sometimes will all help your wedding dress last for years to come in pristine shape and look as beautiful as the day you wore it.

Keep in mind that with the right upkeep, your wedding gown can become a priceless keepsake for years to come.

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