Tree removal is not cheap. Most homeowners consider the price to be too high for this service, but it can have its benefits. A person may choose to hire professionals for tree removal cost Portland if they are unsure of how to do so on their own, or if they are not physically capable due to disabilities or injuries.

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A professional will know the safest way possible for removing trees successfully. According to City-Data, some procedures that must be taken include:

1. Wearing protective clothing. Not only does this keep one from being injured by falling branches, but also protects them from any chemicals used on the tree. When hiring a company, inquire about what type of suits and/or boots would best fit your needs before beginning the job.

2. Preventing the surrounding area from becoming damaged.

3. According to the City of Portland, one should consider having a fence or some other type of barrier set up around your property before beginning any tree cutting procedure. This is because, as stated on their official website: “When you cut down a tree, limbs and trees on neighbouring properties can be affected by falling branches and twigs, causing damage.”

Although hiring professionals will cost more money than doing it yourself, sometimes this option may make sense depending on what type of results would like to see.

4. Tree removal companies often use trucks and heavy equipment to carry out this task. A typical company works with different types of machines such as bucket trucks or excavators that are specially designed for removing trees. By removing the extra weight of branches, these machines usually have an easier time getting rid of trees.

5. Of course, what you are willing to pay for is completely up to you. Many factors determine how much a specific company will charge you for their services, but most commonly it depends on the types of trees being removed and how complicated they are to take out. For example, if a tree must be taken out as part of a home renovation project such as building a pool or patio area, then there is no need to include it in the cost.

Tree Removal Cost

The tree removal cost Portland varies depending on numerous factors such as:

1) What type of tree needs to remove? Is it an old-growth forest or simply one ancient oak? 

 In general, small conifers will cost less than deciduous trees because they grow faster and produce more resin when pruned or cut back.  As for large trees, those with extensive root systems may be more difficult to remove which increases the labour time and equipment use. 

Oak trees in the Portland area typically have very large root systems.  Many times, these roots can be found growing several feet down into the soil and covering a much wider area than the tree’s canopy.  Because of this, it may take more time to remove an oak tree which means you’re going to pay more for labour costs.

2) How tall is your tree?

A tall tree will certainly cost more to remove than one that’s small.

This one seems like a no-brainer but trust us -sometimes it’s worth double-checking whether or not your oak is 30 feet tall vs 50 feet tall.  Once you have an accurate height of your oak, use that number in conjunction with #3 below (“How complicated are the roots?”) to get a firmer idea of how much it’ll cost to have your oak removed from Portland.

3) How complicated are the roots?

Are they growing in cracks, crevices or entirely underground? This particular factor determines what kind of equipment is needed for removal. The more complicated a root system, the more labour hours will be required for removal.  This can affect your price quote which is why we always try to determine the overall condition of a tree before providing a solid estimate on costs for removal. 

If you need some specific examples about how complex a certain kind of root system might be, you can review this by searching “how to identify an oak tree” on Pinterest or Google. You’ll find quite a few informative visuals that may help with this question.

4) How big of an area do you need to be clear after the tree has been removed?

5) What type of debris needs to be hauled away during/after removal -and how much will that cost?  

6) What other factors may impact your price quote such as steep slope, difficult access and/or heavily congested areas with no fall zone?                 

If one wanted to know the average price range for tree removal cost Portland has available today, then they can visit any site that contains information about homeowners and other people looking for this type of service. With an Internet search, many results are available at your fingertips, so it is up to you to choose which company can best meet your needs.

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