Foreign Tour. See the Department of State’s COVID-19 webpage if your wanting to approach any intercontinental journey.

Never journey to Colombia because of COVID-19. Workout enhanced extreme caution in Colombia due to municipal unrest, criminal activity, terrorism and kidnapping. Some spots have risen threat. Browse the entire Tour Advisory.

The facilities for infection Control and deterrence (CDC) offers released an amount 4 traveling fitness detect for Colombia caused by COVID-19, showing an impressive degree of COVID-19 in the usa. Your danger of getting COVID-19 and establishing significant disorders is likely to be reduced if you are entirely vaccinated with an FDA licensed vaccine. Before planning any international travel, satisfy look at the CDC’s certain tips for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists. Head over to Embassy’s COVID-19 web page for additional information on COVID-19 in Colombia.

Region Summary: Colombia is definitely suffering from continuing manifestations, unrest, and disruptions through the land. The across the country occasions trigger the shutdown of nearby roadways and important roadways, frequently without previous note or forecasted reopening timelines. Avenue closures may drastically reduce having access to public transportation and airports and can even interrupt vacation both within and between spots. a few destinations have observed vandalism, fast flirting spark something up looting, and devastation. Demonstrations need led to deaths and injury around the world.

Aggressive criminal activity, like for example murder, assault, and armed burglary, is common. Organized illegal work, such as extortion, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom money, are generally extensive.

Whilst Colombian federal finalized a comfort agreement making use of the Progressive military of Colombia (FARC) violent party, some dissident groups refuse to demobilize.

The domestic Liberation Army (ELN) radical business continues plotting possible activities in Colombia. They may battle with little or no caution, concentrating on vacationer sites, transportation sites, market/shopping centers, local government services, hotels, organizations, restaurants, destinations of activity, parks, biggest sporting and national events, schools, airports, because open public cities.

Severe theft, most notably armed theft and murder are prevalent.

Terrorist organizations is effective within parts.

The U.S. federal provides limited capability create unexpected emergency services to U.S. citizens as U.S. authorities personnel cannot travel to these aspects from protection questions.

Many Divisions through the entire Region – Reassess Tour

Violent crime, such as armed burglary and murder, is actually prevalent.

The U.S. federal possesses confined capability provide emergency service to U.S. individuals as U.S. government workers cannot visit these markets since protection restrictions and minimal residential travel solutions.

Final enhance: Reissued with features to municipal unrest critical information.

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Quick Knowledge

Half a year’ quality are firmly recommended.

One page required for admission stamp unless signed up for Migracion Automatica, a course for constant people.

Not required for remains 3 months or fewer.

Yellow fever inoculation is going to need for vacationers originating from certain countries or guest specific nationwide areas.

All night and work, please visit the U.S. Embassy Bogota website.

Getaway Story

Begin to see the section of State’s reality layer on Colombia for information about U.S. – Colombia family.

Entry, Leave and Charge Needs

Visit the Embassy’s COVID-19 webpage for more information on entry/exit requirement about COVID-19 in Colombia.

All U.S. people who do definitely not also maintain Colombian citizenship must present a valid U.S. travel document to penetrate and leave Colombia. U.S. residents do not require a Colombian visa for a tourist or sales keep of 3 months or little or perhaps for collective visits of 180 days or less per twelve months. Before your very own 90-day visit runs out, you could potentially inquire an extension up to 90 further weeks within the Colombian immigration expert (Migracion Colombia). You will face a superb so long as you stay static in Colombia beyond let, and you might struggle to keep Colombia until the quality is definitely compensated. Any visitor entering with a Colombian visa of any form (in lieu of visa-free entrance defined above) with well over three months’ legality must subscribe the charge at a Migracion Colombia workplace or on the internet within 15 times of birth in Colombia or face charges. You may be refused entrance to Colombia if you fail to have going back violation. Go to Ministry of business, markets and Tourism internet site for the most recent charge ideas.

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