Someone surviving in Malaysia are constantly absolute hectic life, focusing on get the job done as well as other priorities, that for a second they’ve around forgotten regarding their lives home.

With the assistance of good maid services in Malaysia, staff and helpers strive to complete the holes that assist maintain their unique employer’s needs.

These kind and careful consumers give your very best to look after our youngsters, fix our very own meals, clean up all of our residences, whilst being confident that things are in great shape.

The following are a list of the celebrated better maid companies in Malaysia, catering to each and every individual’s goals and needs, if you wish to look after a contented property.

1. Innovedge Housemaid Organisation

Innovedge housemaid department try a maid agencies that gives the employment of knowledgeable and well-disciplined maids.

According to the company, their particular status as well potential regarding maids do the job in cooperation. As well as, practise, family environment, and practice are emphasis of Innovedge.

Possessing a long term romance on your buyer are Innovedge housemaid Agency’s aim, which is certainly why is them among the best maid businesses in Malaysia.


  • Licensed agencies
  • Familiar with maid and perform recruitment
  • Lawful, guided, and medically in shape maids and staff members


Innovedge Maid agencies not merely handles their clientele, but they’re which may manage their staff too.

a maid whom works well with Innovedge blogged an evaluation on Google:

“Recently I need to communicate simple practice . In the event I am brand-new here in Malaysia, in order to cheer-up my personal other maids. Last Jan. 1, 2020 I dipped downward and fainted in the lavatory while cleaning at home of my favorite company. I truly don’t really know what happened, i recently woke all the way up inside the medical. A healthcare facility explained, it absolutely was simple organization Innovedge who called the ambulance and required on the hospital i stayed when you look at the crisis until Having been discharged the day after on Jan. 2, 2020. Extremely most happy to my favorite organisation because they grabbed care of me personally until I healed. Furthermore took me to a Chinese medical practitioner that actually help me to to totally get back my personal strength. My personal agency still supply chance to do the job despite how it happened in my experience because I do not require to look room without cash. I have 4 family so I would you like to allow my children and achieve my own fantasies. Thank you so much much to Mam Christie in order to your agencies towards opportunities one provided me with. And to all of the staff to take care of me personally and all reasons. God bless!”

On the flip side, happy people kept his or her ratings online besides:

“i have already been engaging Innovedge in the past five years and merely was given my personal third housemaid within the organisation. Innovedge has actually a significant databases of maids and having the ability t create biodata and meeting films caused it to be less difficult for my situation to create my favorite variety. My broker, Stella, continues very useful and I am delighted by using the quality of maids provided.”

“I was years buyers for Innovedge. Not long ago I had been just looking at their internet site to get a maid because my existing maid goes back once again after being employed by 4 decades in my situation. To date Innovedge has furnished his or her service to myself well. For my own newest housemaid, in the beginning she gets some homesick but once I dispatch this lady to Innovedge for many therapy, the trouble was resolved and she help my family for almost 4 years! Perchance I discovered many ratings for innovedge I am also surprised to determine a few of them are adverse. I believe some employers exactly like to get all blames for the organisation for things using their housemaid so I feel that is actually not terribly reasonable. All of us paid the agencies to have all of us a maid (the two managed to do their job!) but organizations also should play some function to teach and control the maid because compatible partners mobile site she keep and assist us not with the organisation! I highly recommend Innovedge to anybody who must collect a maid as they are reliable and expert.”

2. Tazia Housemaid Company

Tazia Maid institution set about as a tiny maid service in Kuala Lumpur. These people give full attention to housemaid tool and knowledge.

Back then, the agency’s definitive goal was to fix the problem which associates practiced pertaining to housemaid occupations.

After identifying exactly what worked well far better preserve dexterity and venture from the boss in addition to their maids, Tazia housemaid service successfully enhanced in the direction of the north and southward of Malaysia.

Today, Tazia housemaid Agency can proudly declare that they’ve held it’s place in the for twenty-five years, demonstrating that they’re among the best maid agencies in Malaysia.


  • Features well over 30 employees
  • Free of charge therapies services for two years
  • Government-approved permits

Customer Reviews

For Tazia housemaid department, customer care is truly crucial, in order to keep the confidence of these clientele intact.

Buyers who evaluated the department online stated that Tazia Maid company was a proper organization with hardworking staff members.

Tazia housemaid department provides professional assistance, which keeps their clients satisfied and secure inside comfort inside property.

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