How to Control the Elm Leaf Beetle Infestations

The elm leaf beetle infestation Adelaide has been on the rise over recent months with an alarming rate. With the southern part of the city experiencing the worst conditions with over half of the trees affected, it is important to act fast and protect your trees. Once spotted, treatment can be initiated by the conservatory department. The first step is to identify exactly where the infestation is occurring and then begin treatment as soon as possible. Once the beetles have entered the tree canopy, they cannot be removed using standard insecticides, powders or spray.

The only form of insecticide that will kill elm leaf beetles is a systemic insecticide that is delivered by spray to the tree canopy and down into the soil below. The elm is an evergreen tree so once the beetles have entered the tree bark and infested the root ball, it is impossible to eradicate them from the tree. The only way to control the growth of the beetle is to eliminate all conditions for them to grow. This will include ensuring the soil conditions are right, removing any trees or other vegetation that allows the elm tree to grow and prevent moisture from reaching the tree.

The first sign of an infestation should be a few brown spots on the bark of the tree with occasional black spots. The treatment will need to be applied to all infected areas but it will not spread to other trees nearby so once treatment has been applied the infestation will be gone within weeks. It is important to note that treatment should only be undertaken by a specialist who specialises in the removal of this destructive pest from trees. There are a number of treatments available for the elm leaf beetle and once the tree is infested, it should be removed and treatment done by a garden center or arborist.

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