Why You Should Buy Yourself A Ring

Many women won’t treat themselves to jewellery because they believe that it is not something they should buy for themselves, but should rather receive as a gift. Although, people are more likely to treat themselves if they have a gift voucher or discount code. Perhaps the notion of spending money on ourselves is what puts people off buying lovely things such as jewelry. For example, people might be more likely to buy a ring for themselves using a Macy’s promo code than without.

This is according to Heidi Wahl of First Diamonds, South Africa’s largest diamond and tanzanite merchants, who say that this mindset needs to change and modern women can and should spoil themselves with an item of jewellery – recommending a self-love ring as the perfect purchase to start.

Many women feel that they can’t reward themselves with what they truly want, however – you deserve it! Treat yourself by splurging a little on a self-love ring and click this site. Not only will it inspire good feelings when you pick it out, but also every time you look down and see it on your finger.

Rings Aren’t Only For Proposals

Marriage can be wonderful. And empowering. And a beautiful experience. Is it for everyone? No. Is it the only reason to be wearing a ring? No again. Rings sit beautifully in a variety of styles and materials and come in exquisite and delicate designs that really reflect who you are.

Remember that when you buy your own ring it’s a piece that won’t carry the weight of a relationship and its memories. Enjoy it forever.

You’ve Earned It

You work hard. Whether it’s work, home life, helping your friends and family, a girl needs to know that every second and every drop of effort deserves a reward. Many people reward themselves with what they think they should reward themselves with – like a gym membership – when we should also think about gifting ourselves with what we truly want. If you truly want a ring, don’t feel guilty – you deserve it!


You Aren’t Waiting To Be Told You’re Worth It

Is it sad to buy yourself a ring? NO! Many women won’t buy themselves jewellery, even a self-love ring that they adore. That’s because they believe that jewellery shouldn’t be bought for themselves.

But buying your own jewellery means you aren’t sitting around waiting for some guy or girl to show you your worth, to be “allowed” a symbol of love – you’re choosing when you’ll get that ring and owning it. Instead of hoping and wishing for a sparkling emerald or glittering ruby ring on your birthday, Christmas, New Year – or your would-be engagement! – you’re taking control and telling the world that you don’t need someone else to give you a ring.

A ring that you’ve chosen yourself and gone out to make yours is your design, your decision, your own piece of timeless beauty to wear and enjoy.

Don’t let other people’s ideas about life hold you back – why are you waiting to make a dream come true?

Invest In Yourself

You understand that sometimes you have to spend a bit more for quality. But that spend is well worth it because quality lasts. Why aren’t you applying this to your jewellery? Fashion jewellery is cheaper, but that also means it breaks more easily.

Buying yourself a quality self-love ring and it’s a piece you will wear for years. This is investing in your future instead of buying for the moment.


Sure, fashion jewellery is fun, but there is a time in your career when it’s time to put it to rest. As you move up and develop your personal brand you’ll want to elevate your image too. You aren’t shopping at Forever 21 anymore, so why are you still wearing their accessories? It’s time to match your jewellery to your outfit and elevate.

Commit To Yourself

You don’t need a man or anyone else to be happy. You only need to love yourself. If couples can signify their love and commitment with a ring, why can’t you?

Many women will buy themselves a pinky self-love ring. This is their “pinky promise” to themselves. Commit to your happiness. Commit to your own truth. Commit to you.

Pause To Take Care Of You

You’re a powerhouse at work, you go out of your way to help friends, you are always there for your family. When do you take time to pamper yourself?

Treat yourself by splurging a little on a self-love ring from e-stores like WholesaleSparkle.com.

Not only will it inspire good feelings when you pick it out, but also every time you look down and see it. It will be that subtle reminder to check in with yourself. This will help prevent burnout and fatigue so you can keep succeeding in the future.

Make A Statement

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone? Shake their hand. Why not make a statement with a bold and memorable ring? It could also be an easy way to break the ice as a conversation starter. Look for a self-love right that has an unusual stone or design work.

These are great for those women with bold personalities. You can make your jewellery speak for you. Larger rings tend to make a bolder statement. You also don’t have to limit yourself to your pinky. Look for a ring that would look great on your pointer finger or even your thumb.

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