Scheduling a hotel to enjoy a few days of relaxation or exploring the sights of a specific city is undoubtedly the most essential decision you’ll make to ensure your stay is as comfy and inviting as possible. Nowadays there are plenty of ways you can make a hotel booking, the fact is that the things to keep in mind– so as not to make mistakes– will always remain the same. 

The benefit of the modern-day world is that deals are always appearing and you have the option of making detailed contrasts of prices and services. The world of online bookings has introduced a new, but no less interesting variable: guest reviews. We’ve put together the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when making your reservation. But.. If you’re looking for other types of accommodation besides staying at Hotel, I highly recommend this site and I loved this very informative blog.


Aside from the truth that you can utilize a car and truck or other ways of transport, the area of a hotel is a crucial aspect. In big cities like Barcelona, it’s important to choose a centrally located place to stay, allowing you to move freely and avoiding unnecessary costs in time and money. 

And if we’re discussing a journey to a location of natural appeal, the proximity of your hotel to the locations you want to check out and the beauty of its environments will be critical. Any Luxury Hotel Brand will offer hotels in good locations so if you’re ever unsure, find a luxury hotel!

Internet Connection

It was the one thing I couldn’t go a day without. The Internet was extremely important for me at the time.

Most hotels offer totally free WiFi, but some will charge you a small amount of money. There are likewise a few that permit gain access to a restricted number of devices. 

This can be a problem if there was more than one person in the hotel room. But at that time I required the code for 2 of my gadgets: phone and laptop computer.

Be sure to ask the hotel about this before placing your reservation if the Internet is very important to you.

Complimentary Hotel Breakfast

I’ll always think about booking hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. I’d spend it on benefits. This can likewise help me save money on breakfast somewhere else.

Some hotels enable you to omit your breakfast for a cheaper room rate. 

If the room with free breakfast is slightly cheaper than the one without, why not pick the one that feeds your empty stomach in the morning for a dollar more? After all, you may spend a lot more when you have your breakfast in a café outside of your hotel.


I’ve learned from experience that you can’t always trust the hotel’s star review system. I’ve stayed in some pretty crappy four-star hotels and some pretty nice two-star hotels. Reviews are also a good way to know if a part of the hotel is under renovation or something isn’t temporarily working.

Early Check-In/Late Check-Out

Some people completely overlook this before booking a hotel. If you plan on arriving well before the check-in time, you might have to wait a while for your room to be ready.

Fine Print

You have found an excellent hotel with a good deal and you are ready with your credit card. But wait, did you inspect the cancellation policy, no show policy, taxes, resort fees, tipping policy, and other gritty details? Check if the hotel will debit your charge card right away or just conserve the details for future referral. Are they charging the full amount or only a deposit? Better to arrange it out now than repent later.

Hotel Reputation

Hotels that are parts of popular groups are safer options than standalone hotels. It is advantageous to join loyalty programs for good hotel brands.


Anyone can see that the cost for hotel rooms can alter depending on the booking portal/agency you use. Ensure you compare the different space rates and discover a hotel space that matches your budget plan. 

It’s likewise worth getting in touch with the hotel directly to discover the best rate and do not be afraid to attempt to work out rates. In some cases, hotels will provide discount rates during low occupancy durations.

Do Your Research Study Prior To Reserving Your Next Hotel Space

Next time you are going through hotel evaluations to decide which hotel to book, pay some additional attention to these five features!

And of course, that doesn’t indicate you should not likewise examine if your hotel offers free wi-fi (I don’t comprehend why there are still hotels that don’t), a complimentary breakfast, peaceful rooms with a great view and perhaps even a gorgeous pool.

Just remember that for the average traveller these five most important things to look for when booking a hotel room really do make a difference.

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