A New PVC Blanket Heater by Rama Corporation

The PVC Blanket Heater – Rama Corporation is a relatively new product, meeting strong demand in the commercial marketplace. This heater consists of dual heaters, one to circulate the cold air and the other to circulate the hot air, offering twice the heat for less heat. The dual heaters have variable speed fans to offer speed control to the user.

A New PVC Blanket Heater by Rama Corporation

Because the product is so new, many consumers are unfamiliar with it and unaware that there are such products available on the market today. Many of the products sold are constructed of extremely strong plastic, making them difficult to transport. The PVC Blanket Heater by Rama Corporation solves this problem by using an aluminum frame and then developing the heat exchanger into two pieces, the bottom part is made of heavy duty PVC and the top layer is a thin layer of PVC foam. Once both parts are connected together, they become pliable and easy to move. The heaters themselves are not very bulky, being only a few inches thick at the base and about 10 inches across at the top. Once installed, all that remains is a simple plug-n-play connection to the electricity source.

Rama Corporation is a well known manufacturer of industrial and commercial products, including air conditioners, refrigerators, and carpet heating systems. The PVC blanket heater manufactured by Rama Corporation is a new item that has met with rave reviews. The product description on the manufacturer’s website includes all of the expected features, such as its strength, durability, and its ease of installation. Users of the product were very happy with its performance, commenting that it operates as designed and heats up to the desired temperature with very little fanfare or noise.

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