Extreme Hens Night Party Ideas


Hens night celebrations are not known for being as insane and wild as bucks night parties. The ladies can get simply as insane as the gents before the wedding event day shows up. Host a hens night party and send out the bride into marriage with memories of incredible great time with her closest pals.


Your hens night celebration is turning up, and your and your bridesmaids are still stuck for ideas. You don’t wish to head out and acquire a fortune in bar expenses only to have massive hangovers the next day, nor do you feel like buying from the male dancer section of the local strip club like magicmen.com.au. Below are the best way for you to celebrate your bride’s hens night party!


Women's White Crew Neck Long Sleeve Dress Dancing on Stainless Steel Pole


Playboy Theme


Create some mix of bucks and hens night party ideas that are more extreme than the typical co-ed celebration bus. One great, and the inexpensive, concept is to host a Playboy Mansion themed party at someone’s house.

It works even better if the host happens to have a swimming pool, similar to the mansion itself. Ask the men to wear silk pyjamas and hand out robes to them at the front door. Demand that women use either black bodysuits or swimsuits or skimpy swimsuits with their greatest heels.

Provide bunny ears and tails as they arrive. Stock the bar with top-shelf liquor. If you do not desire to ask somebody to staff the bar the entire evening, employ a bartender. Play the current hits on the stereo and get the celebration started with some great hens night party games.


Axe Throwing


Having turned the conventional darts league on its head, the sport of axe throwing involves hurling an axe down an alley with the hope of hitting a bullseye. 2018 has actually seen a flurry of axe-throwing venues opening their doors throughout North America and Europe, and it looks as though this interesting trend is here to remain.



Music Festival


When the bride-to-be is a significant music aficionado, think about hosting her hens night party at a performance or music festival. Given that live entertainment is the activity du jour, it makes your function rather easy.

If the music festival venue offers outside yard seating, bring a blanket and picnic basket to make the hens night party a peaceful and comfortable place to take pleasure in live music with buddies


Strip Tease


Striptease or pole dancing lessons can be a terrific method for the hens night party visitors to reclaim their sexuality. While there are novice lessons that are open to big groups, the finest hens night parties are personal group lessons, where buddies who are currently comfortable with each other can focus on learning some of the fundamentals of sensual dance.


Plan an overnighter on a sailboat or yacht


Cater the food, work with the sexiest bartender you can discover (obviously), and the sky’s the limit with crazy shenanigans and imagination. Party the whole night away on your boat leasing or chill with an outside chick-flick movie marathon.


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